Shannon's Support Team

Nike Oregon Project (NOP)

Alberto Salazar, Coach

Before coaching, Alberto Salazar was one of the best distance runners in the World. In 1980, Salazar ran the world's fastest marathon debut to win the New York City Marathon in 2:09.41. He repeated victories in 1981 and 1982. In 1981, Salazar set the World Record for the marathon in 2:08.13 and the indoor 5000m American Record in 13:22.6. The following year, he continued with braking two additional American Records - outdoor 5000m (13:11.93) and 10,000m (27:25.61) - and earned the Silver medal at the 1982 IAAF World Cross Country Championships. Salazar was inducted into the National Runner's Hall of Fame in 2000. The Nike Oregon Project was born after Salazar made it his mission to resuscitate American distance running dying presence.


Pete Julian, Assistant Coach

Pete Julian ran for the University of Portland and establishing himself as the University’s very first harrier to acquire All-American status for cross country, in total Julian accumulated four All-American honors. Running professionally, Julian was a member of the 1997 and 1998 IAAF World Cross Country Championship teams, he won the 1999 Pan American Games bronze medal for the 10,000m and represented the United States in the 1999 IAAF World Championships. Coaching at Washington State University, Julian brought the University to their first NCAA Championship berth since 2006. In August of 2012, Julian proudly joined the coaching staff of the NOP.

Dr. Darren Treasure, PhD

Expertly motivating and managing the mental psyche of being a world-class runner, Dr. Darren Treasure earned both a Masters and Ph.D. in Kinesiology, with a special emphasis in sports psychology. Dr. Treasure has vast experience in working with elite athletes across all spectrum of sports and affiliations with such governing bodies as USSF, NCAA, FIFA, and NFHS. As Sports Psychologist for the Nike Oregon Project he ensures the runners remain mentally attuned in a sport where mentally willing one’s body to push past its limits and a maintain a high pain threshold are of paramount importance.

David McHenry

David McHenry has been working with the NOP since 2005. He became the Lead Physical Therapist and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach in 2011.  His responsibilities for the team range from injury prevention to strength development. McHenry has the critical role of developing strength, power, plyometric capacity, and aiding in maximizing running efficiency and efficacy through strategic biomechanical form optimization. McHenry holds a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.


San Francisco - Bay Area Support Team

Leonard Stein, DC

Shannon's chiropractor since the age of 13, Lenny's intuitive ability to get to the source of a problem and fix it is uncanny. He has treated numerous well-known professional athletes and currently travels as the team chiropractor with the Golden State Warriors Basketball Team as well as the San Francisco Ballet Company.

Lani Green, CMT

Lani has worked her magic hands through every tight muscle on Shannon's body. Her ability to manipulate through deep layers of tissue to loosen up knots and bring fluidity to the muscles makes her the best massage therapist in the Bay Area.

Amol Saxena, DPM

A gifted podiatrist at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Department of Sports Medicine, Amol helped address one of the contributing factors of Shannon's stress fracture. Through a detailed analysis of her leg length discrepancy, Dr. Saxena was able to prepare custom orthotics to correct her problem in an effort to prevent reinjury.

Andrew Chan

Shannon's high school coach, Chanman, is a wonderful role model and a close, trusted friend. He played a critical role in Shannon's early development as a runner.

Family and Friends

Thanks for all of your love and support!