Non-profit Imagining More is an Organization that promotes arts and athletics amongst young women. It was born from the limitations that young women face when pursuing extracurricular activities during their high school and college years. Through different projects in the US and Mexico, our mission is to serve as an instrument for young women who wish to develop in the arts and sports as well as to create awareness about the uniqueness of being a female athlete.

Although arts and athletics are not a typically promoted combination, we feel that the two complement each other to form a well-rounded student athlete.

Where does Imagining More come from?

“My idea of Imagining More came from my experiences training in Mexico. I grew up in the city of San Francisco and in a home environment where I thought anything was possible. I encountered strong women in my daily life (my mother worked and my elementary school had a woman principle and vice principle). It was not until I got older that I started to see signs of resistance towards women striving for more.”

– Shannon Rowbury

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