Non-profit Imagining More

In late 2012, my boyfriend Pablo Solares and I co-founded Imagining More as a way to promote arts and athletics among the female youth. Imagining More is a non-profit organization born from the limitations that young women face when pursuing extracurricular activities during their High School and College years. Through different projects in the US and Mexico, Imagining More’s mission is to serve as an instrument for young women who wish to develop in the arts and sports as well as to create awareness about the uniqueness of being a female athlete.

Bay Area Track Club

In the Fall of 2009, a group of elite athletes and coaches residing in the Bay Area joined forces to create the Bay Area Track Club (BATC).

The BATC has two main goals: To provide support for Olympic athletes and emerging elites, and to promote running and lifelong fitness within the community. The BATC will strive to become an epicenter of healthy living in the Bay Area, providing valuable resources to the spectrum of youth and adults pursuing an active lifestyle.

The Movie Making Marathon

My involvement as a co-producer of Duke's 24-hour film festival, The Movie Making Marathon (MMM), greatly enhanced my interest in film production. The MMM is a competition of sorts that gives students the opportunity to experience an intense immersion into film making. During the festival, participants are required to film and edit a short screenplay into a short film over a 24 hour time period.

The MMM came to be through the vision of Annie Fleishman and the guidance and direction of Elisabeth Benfey, a woman who I admire and respect for many reasons. Annie and I co-produced the MMM from its inception and it is our hope that our efforts will pave the way for many more MMM's in the future.

Blue Soles

blue devils"Blue Soles" is a short documentary of the 2005 Duke Women's Cross Country Team as we prepared for the NCAA Cross Country Championships in Terra Haute, Indiana. In 2004, we won our division championship and placed second in the NCAA X-country finals. In 2005, we again won our division and were ranked #1 for the 2005 NCAA finals in Terra Haute. The women on our team were touted as the best recruiting class in recent history and this was our last race together as a team. I hope to expand this short video into a full-length film someday.

Irish Dancing

dancingMy adorable Nonie, Aileen Catherine Sheedy from County Clare, signed me up for Irish dancing classes when I was just 5 years old after I broke my leg in kindergarten. She figured the dancing lessons would strengthen my bones so I would never break my legs again. I trained and competed in dance until I was 16 years old. Little did any of us know that Irish dancing would be the foundation behind my success as a professional runner.